PT. Stacopa Raya accommodate needs for printing of high-valued documents that require advanced-security with main goals to prevent forgery, tampering or counterfeiting. We provide tailor-made solutions to efficiently deliver clients requests.

Security Printing

Security Printing Consulting

Providing the best and most accurate advices to address problems, formulate solutions, and ensuring output excellence


Security Graphic Design

A skillful art of setting individual graphic assets to form complex compositions into an overall design that is difficult and even impossible to copy or imitate


Fiduciary Printing

A specialization in printing and secure documents personalization with usage intentions of governmental applications


Card Printing

Contact Smart Card

Smart Cards that contain single memory chips, and require physical contacts with the card reader


Contactless Smart Card

Smart Cards with memory chips that require no physical contact with the card reader to communicate, allowing faster and simpler usage


Hybrid Card

A combination of contact and contactless smart card technology that allows maximum flexibility and simplicity


Card Personalization Service

An end-to-end service for card printing with personalized contents and data on each card to eliminate internal printing costs and operational hassles.

Commercial Printing

Business Forms

Printing of any types of business forms and templates



Printing and assembling of customizable yearly calendars, suitable for brands or any corporate purposes



Printing and assembling bulk quantities of books of any type

Digital Printing

Variable Data Printing

A digital printing process that allows data variation in parts of the content


Wide format digital Printing

Printing output in large size – high resolution quality


Label Printing 

Printing of labels for any business purposes