To deliver superior solutions, services, and product quality, PT. Stacopa Raya established strategic partnerships with the world’s best technology innovators in the industry, including RFID, NFC, Origene Authentication Technology (Digital Tagging), Centralized Security Perso Services (CSPS), and Hybrid Security System.

RFID ( Radio Frequency Identification )

RFID is Radio Frequency Identification, a wireless radio-frequency technology to transfer data through electromagnetic fields, which are being used for a wide range of devices for an even wider range of objectives.

NFC ( Near Field Communication )

Is Near field Communication, which is a set of standards for devices such as smartphones to communicate with other devices by way of touching them or bringing them closely together. The technology also creates simpler communication establishment with more complex connections such as wifi networks.

Origene Authentication Technology

This is an original method that was invented and being actively implemented by PT. Stacopa Raya to verify document authenticity using simple tracking of unique security codes through an online platform.

Centralized Security Perso Services

A diversion system through document personalization that aims to prevent internal forgery or attempts of falsification during shipping or post-production processes. The service is another original system by PT. Stacopa Raya.

Hybrid Security System

A combination of the best systems and services; Fiduciary Printing, Origene Authentication Technology, and Centralized Security Perso Services, to ensure the safest and the best quality of output and execution.