Vision & Mission

During 36 years of development, PT. Stacopa Raya never forgets the trails of where progress has arisen and where the roads will lead for further future growth. The company strives to become a leader through persistent efforts in pursuing its vision through consistent execution of its missions.


  • A National Leader and a world-class service and solution provider is a goal that PT. Stacopa Raya has envisioned since the beginning of its formation and an achievable promise through its consistent capability in delivering exceptional service and output quality.


  • It has become a standard that PT. Stacopa Raya will over deliver customer expectations through exceptional service and impeccable tailor-made solutions. This standard will be insinuated at every part of the company’s business conducts.

  • Progressive and professional management system is an essential pre-requisite for companies in a global market scene. PT Stacopa Raya will continue being a dynamic, modern, and professional management that makes it a National leader and a world-class company.